Do you agree?

Do you agree?

I do agree with this statement…I find myself sometimes opening Facebook and then wondering why I opened it…!


The Journey so far…

Made me reflect on things that I haven’t noticed before since I was so used to it, the change took place day by day so I adapted to them without paying too much attention to it…

  • Digital Langage on our everyday language
  • Little privacy
  • Addiction to Social Media as a disease

Many things fall under these 3 categories…everything start from digital media – social language and it spreads out… it is a journey that can’t be summarised and can never end simply because every new thing I discover, it leads to others.

Other interesting things I picked up along the way…

  • What is a Panopticon
  • Language in it’s diverse beautiful forms
  • How we acquire language
  • Difference between Denotation and Connotation
  • An interesting book that I won’t have known about: Mythologies.

Digital Language

“Many web workers take the evolution of online language with a grain of salt, and few of us expect to be across all of the common buzzwords. That said, my web working friends seem to know — and use — more jargon than they realize.

It’s true that the majority of these words aren’t restricted to online usage: word themes that begin and grow online are inevitably carried into the offline world. We use them in general conversations, often with people who aren’t tech-savvy or web workers.” -http://gigaom.com/2011/01/18/the-rapid-evolution-of-digital-language/ 

I recently received text message from friends that had many of these ‘online words’ that I could not figure out, therefore I went and looked up the internet for it…this made me realise how much our everyday language is influenced by the digital world.

Some people use abbreviations because of text words limit, some people because of touch phone screens are too lazy to type every letter out since this would take much more time…and many other reasons are making our language change into something different. Almost another language. Is it good, or bad?

Celebration Language

Celebration Language

Diwali’s idea brought me to this photo, this is another type of celebration, and instead through lights it communicates through colour powders!

Social Networks: The Good and The Bad


There is many good and bad points on social networks, I was searching online for a general public opinion and it is quite difficult to understand where people stand.


My personal opinion is I don’t like Social Networks, and it all comes down to one simple reason:



Lights & Communication

Some examples of communication through lights:

This type of lighthouse is a guidance to the sea sailors. Many other types of lighthouses are built to give signal to the air pilots.

‘For the purpose of signaling dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals, reefs, safe entries to harbors, and can also assist in aerial navigation.’

Talking about sea guidance and dangers…This is a simple sos light device, there are many similar devices on the market and all of them have the purpose to communicate to people who see it ‘a danger’.

emma de la chapelle

"it's just a bit of silliness really"

Soci. Digi.

A New Way To Communicate

Social Language, Digital Media


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